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Capsula Raíces spring summer 22


Waking up on a Saturday in the sunshine of a Mediterranean village in the countryside. Staying in bed, just a little longer, with your eyes open and in silence, waiting for the children to come, because you know they will come.

It still smells like the flowers you picked yesterday afternoon. When you open the window that smell merges with the smell of thyme and rosemary, as if they were waiting to come into the house.



The mobile rings, a quick coffee, too hot, you breathe, your eyes close, (you connect, you feel the warm sun on your feet, that dense atmosphere but full of freshness, calm, you sigh, silence accompanies you, your body is left to rest on a cushioned space, you breathe), the coffee is still hot, the mobile rings again, and you continue, but now you have a little more smile on your face and calm in your body.

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