According to a NASA study, the perfect nap should last exactly 25.8 minutes. That's how long the complete tracklist of <>, the song we have created to help you enjoy an ideal siesta, through a relaxing composition, with natural, binaural sounds and melodies taken from the main hits of the summer, lasts.

Get ready for the perfect "siesta"

Your stomach is full and it's too hot. But you don't care about that because you're in a cool place. Besides, with the last piece of watermelon, your eyes were already closing. Perfect for you. It's time. Grab a pair of headphones that won't disturb you too much and, for the best experience, we recommend that you keep the playback volume low. Now close your eyes and see you in 25.8 minutes.

How is it done?

All the songs are composed with a series of characteristics that favour a relaxed state of sleep.


Based on different summer hits of the last few years, most of them in major scales, which sound cheerful and recognisable to us.


Predominantly at 432 Hz, which in addition to promoting relaxation is considered the frequency of happiness.


At 70 bpm, which is the rhythm of a resting heart while we sleep.


Binaural, which generates a 3D sound sensation in the listener, making the experience more immersive.


Natural and summer-related effects, such as the sound of the beach, the water of a river or cicadas.

Pink noise

A constant level sound in all octave bands of each song, which also aids relaxation.