Sheets treated with a textile finish employing a water-repellent technology Smart Inovation® Si Repel Mosquito 101-TF which allows for more effective insect repellency with high wash resistance and durability.
This product incorporates biocides with repellent properties.

These are the days of fighting the heat, of pyjamas with braces and windows wide open to let the night breeze in. But also, to receive certain unwanted visitors. Discover MosQuit™ and forget about mosquito bites and other annoying insects this summer.


Say goodbye to the summer's most hated bbbzzzzz with our innovative technology. Si Repel Mosquito® offers safe and effective protection to keep these little intruders at bay.

No more collecting stings this summer. Try MosQuit™ and experience the peace of mind and comfort that comes with effective and safe protection.