Your mobile phone rings, a quick coffee, you hear the traffic, you breathe, your eyes close, (you connect, you feel the warm sun on your feet, that dense but fresh atmosphere, calm, you sigh, silence accompanies you, your body is left to rest on a cushioned space, you breathe), and you open your eyes but now with a smile.

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Nuria's parenthesis

Nuria feels a lot, she feels everything around her as well as what she has inside. But Nuria has found her parenthesis: a bed made her own.

The space around her is clean and has only what makes her feel comfortable: a carpet that helps her put her feet in nature, plants to talk to and care for, and pieces of art that help her go far inside herself.

And in this neutral, controlled, desaturated space, Nuria feels safe. There she lets out the daily stress that accompanies her everywhere.

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Carla's parenthesis

Her day-to-day life is hectic. A job she is passionate about and a family she loves fill her day with tasks and energy.

That energy that recharges her engine during the night to carry on with the next day.
Carla doesn't need many breaks, she is one of those people who recharges instinctively.

When she needs to "stop time", there is only one thing that evades her: the sea.
Indigo, turquoise or midnight blue water playing in the background while everything calms down. Flowers all around her swaying in the wind and the taste of a book and fresh fruit at midday.

The pleasure of having the sea close by only on holidays gives you back the comfort and the Mediterranean freshness you need.

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Laura's parenthesis

Laura does not enter her parenthesis, she lives there. She works creating and creates by working with her hands.

She interweaves cotton strings to move through doors, flowerpots and other people's houses.
Laura is Laucrame and Laucrame is Laura.


She has found the perfect mix between profession and escape in her studio, so much so that she no longer distinguishes her studio from her work.

She escapes from everything there, she only needs an empty space where to create, soft light, cotton tones and a point where to hang and tie ropes.

It is then that her mind frees itself and she visualises knot by knot her next creation.

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Monica's parenthesis

Monica connects with herself through her body, her muscles, her bones and her mind. She brings out all that is inside her during this physical explosion and that is where she regains control.

But her parenthesis does not start there, her parenthesis is the moment when the quietness comes after the movement.

That is where she really feels her body calm and can finally enter her parenthesis to heal her mind.

Where she goes when she can't move and needs to stop, nature around her and rest zone after feeling the tiredness in her body.

He has found escape by the direct route, he has reached his parenthesis.

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Claudia's parenthesis

For Claudia, the feeling of being in parenthesis is so precious that she wants it all to herself. That something that makes her feel special.

That intimate space where no one knows what has happened and she wants it to stay that way. And in that space there is only one thing, light.
A dense atmosphere full of warm, diffuse light that transports her to her parenthesis.

( )

She is a photographer, she creates with light and it is light that heals her. In that parenthesis she lets the sun come in to warm her cold feet.

Claudia in her parenthesis thinks about what she wants, what to cook in the afternoon, what book to read tonight, how to take care of herself to keep going.

Sometimes we all need a parenthesis where time stands still. An idealised space where we can "be" free. For everyone, your break is different, but they all have something in common: calm, light, comfort, space, colour and intimacy.

Slow life.