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If you wrote in the search engine the words online bedlinen or bed textiles and our online store appeared among the top positions, do you think it's a coincidence? Nothing is! At least not as far as our store is concerned. In our section of bedlinen, you will find everything you need in terms of duvet covers, cushions, sheets and other bed basics so you can decorate your room or bedroom to your liking.

We currently have numerous offers in different items that will increase the "exquisiteness" of our products that, if you normally like them for their quality and design, with their discounted price you will fall in love ... If you don’t believe us, have a look yourself.


Unique and original designs

With our designs you can say goodbye to the monotony of the classic room in white or any other plain color. If you are looking for unique and original textures and designs that break with that neutral wall/ or furniture color, you are in the right place. Take a look at our duvet covers, available in all sizes so that you can decorate your room or the one from the little ones; We also have obviously the matching pillow case, so that everything matches and goes in harmony.

If, on the other hand, what you are looking for are sheets or cushion covers we also have them ... elongated cushion covers, squared, in plain colors, with geometric figures, abstract, elegant, striking, ... Or what is the same and summing up: Different!

But that's not all, our Bedlinen category does not end there. In it you will also find:


  •  Basic section: bed sheets in different smooth colors and sizes, basic cushion covers, duvet fillings, etc. And all at irresistible prices.

  •  Bedspreads: If you rather prefer the usual bedspreads to the duvet covers, we also have a wide catalog of them. We have simple and more serious designs and others much more flirtatious, colorful and daring, especially those in which natural motifs stand out as in our BIRDS OF PARADISE or CACTUS BEDSPREAD models.

Buying in our store is really easy, you won’t have problems when doing it so thanks to our intuitive and easy to manage website. Select the product (or products) of the bedlinen category that you mostly like and add them to the shopping cart as desired. Thanks to our size guide (we recommend you to have a look at it before buying) you can choose perfectly without fear of being wrong. And remember also something very important that you probably like to know: shipments over 60.00 euros are free in Spain If you buy from anywhere else in Europe, the shipping will be free from 100.00 euros.

We cannot make it easier: we have good quality products, many of them in offer and reduced today. Unique designs that you will not find in other stores (neither online nor physical) and we send it to you without any cost if you exceed a certain amount. We like you and you know it!

Happy Friday - CIF B54660980 - Av. Alicante nº 70, 03820 Cocentaina (Alicante) - SPAIN - (+34) 96 559 99 56 -