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Nowadays the wall hangings that became fashionable decades ago come back again to our homes. The only difference is that in addition to being fashionable the ones that were worn by then, with a square design and with all kinds of prints, the most ethnic and modern designs are also fashionable today.


Our Happy Friday Home catalogue fully complies with this and offers a wide variety of these tapestries. We currently have different models of wall hangings in which you can find everything from more avant-garde designs and geometric shapes, to more retro designs and inspired by the fashion of previous years.


Choose the wall tapestry that best suits your needs and your home’s one and decorate it to your taste and fashion.


Variety of models of wall hangings in our online store


Does it sound like you have seen handkerchiefs or fabrics dominated by animals such as peacocks, elephants or tigers? They used to be fashionable before and they are now back... In our online store we have several examples of these:


    • LUCK WALL HANGING  135X135 COLOR 104: A tapestry inspired by the exotic country of India. It is made 100% cotton.


    • KANDULA WALL HANGING 135X135 COLOR 102: A tapestry whose central animal is a majestic elephant.

These are only two examples of the 6 that we have with the same characteristics in terms of design. But that's not all, besides these, we have other more ethnic and retro wall tapestries. Some of these are:

    • RETRO CHIC WALL HANGING 40X70 N-223: Tapestry hand-woven by hand with natural Jute fabric.


    • RETRO CHIC WALL HANGING 55X90 N-304: In black and white colors, hand woven like the previous one.


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