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Decorating a house from scratch or redecorating a bedroom or living room that already has certain touches or decorative elements is not always easy. But it is easier when we have versatile decorative elements that go with almost any decorative style and any home. This is the case of our rugs, currently all reduced, of very good quality, manufactured of a material that is easy to clean and maintain and above all they are very beautiful.


If you are looking for carpets with different sizes, either because you want to put them in the living room or in a large room and also in the rooms of the smallest, you are on the ideal website. Currently, you can find rugs in our section in the following sizes:


    • 120 x 170 cm.


    • 120 x 180 cm.


    • 140 x 200 cm.


    • 60 x 100 cm.

The first three sizes are designed for large rooms and living rooms and the last for one for children's rooms, bathrooms, reception rooms, etc. But you are the one who has the final word in this ... You choose where and how to place them!


It's rug time!


They decorate and dress any space, shelter our footsteps and create more cozy and comfortable spaces. HF Living rugs are timeless, we can find them in different materials, designs, colors and shapes, they dress any environment, ideal for any season!


Don’t miss them out! Now, all HF Living rugs with great discounts.


What else can you ask for a rug?


All our rugs meet the following features:


1. They are washable.


2. Handmade with non-toxic dyes.


3. They have mostly minimalist designs that will adapt well to almost any decorative style.


Choose yours now and keep on decorating your home with Happy Friday Home.

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