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If we want a house full of life, with a certain fresh touch and some green chlorophyll color, it is almost essential to have some plants that not only make the stay happy, but also bring light and new air to our home.


That’s why, in our Happy Friday online store we have proposed to offer our customers everything they need for this. We present now a series of super beautiful and original plant holders that will enchant the whole family and friends that visit you.


Types of plant holders


Whether you prefer the typical plant pots or the rarest ones, we are convinced that these will make you fall in love. Next, we will tell you what kind of plant holders we have in stock and in which of them you can enjoy a great discount offer now:


    • Hanging plant holders: They are the most sold plant holder in our store and you may find that their great price has a lot to do with it, since you can find them from 5.00 euros. They are made of macramé and you can buy them in different shades of color (raw, pink, black, mint ...).


    • Bamboo plant holders: These are the most flirtatious planters that will give a touch of freshness to any corner of the house. Their measures are appropriate to plant in them any type of plant both indoor and outdoor. You will find them in different measures so you can find the one that is most appropriate for your home. They are on offer!


    • Brass planters: They are available in both white and gold. They will give a touch of distinction to your home and you can find both colors in two different heights. Each of them has a very good price because as in the previous cases, they are also on sale!


Hurry up before you run out of them!

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