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126 Items


If you don’t settle for basic and normal cushions for your children's room, you are in the right online store and, more specifically, in the right category: Original children shaped cushions.

The remarkable thing of these cushions, apart from the rest, is that they don’t have the typical square or rounded shape of the others, but they have a different shape depending on the cushion model you choose and its design. If you want to know more about these decorative pillows, we will tell you which collections we have today and which are the best sellers so that you don’t run out of them. You will love it!


Funny cushions collection for Happy Friday children

The children cushion collections that we currently have are the following:


Mr. Fox: We have 51 different cushion model for children's beds. Among his drawings stand out the image of Pinocchio, the Little Prince of the famous book by the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Mary Poppins, Alice or the famous Disney duo, Beauty and the Beast, among many others.


Moshi Moshi: Its bedroom cushions are made of animals and they are super fun and original: foxes, owls, deer, panda bears, etc. A long list in which you can choose the animal that your little one likes best.


Happynois: Take balloon ride around the city, dance under a shower of donuts and sweets, grab a refreshment floating in outer space or enjoy a sunset under the lighthouse on a desert island with our shaped cushions.


• Le petit prince: You can find Le petit prince universe, Courageux, les planetes, migration, ses amis, son avion, son monde...


Whatever cushion you are looking for, in our online store you will surely find it given the large number of different designs that we have. Go for them and choose the one you like the most.

Happy Friday - CIF B54660980 - Av. Alicante nº 70, 03820 Cocentaina (Alicante) - SPAIN - (+34) 96 559 99 56 - [email protected]