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Decorating our children's room can be a fun and exciting moment, we can immerse ourselves in a fantasy world and give free rein to the imagination.


In the Kids section we will find a variety of fun rugs with many shapes and colors to choose the decoration of our children's room.

The rugs are an ideal complement to their rooms, they allow us to provide a decorative touch and above all, the comfort they need.

In the children's rugs selection from Mr. Fox and Moshi Moshi collections, we will find rugs with the same design as the bedlinen in an excellent quality, since they are handmade with 100% cotton and non-toxic dyes.

Its exclusive design will be great in your little room. And the best thing is that you can machine wash it at home!

Don’t forget to protect the floor of your room with a nice rug, warm and decorative, where you can sit and play, dance and create!


The most endearing and quality children's rugs


Our children's rugs meet the following features to take into account:


1. They can be washed in a washing machine.


2. Their dyes are non-toxic and are handmade with 100% cotton thread.


3. Their child designs will look great in any corner of your child's room.


Animal rugs (penguins, crocodiles, monkeys, flamingo, bears, etc.), rugs of story characters (Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Three Little Pigs, etc.) and many more to choose from. If you know the tastes of your child and you want to surprise him with a rug for his room, to play in it, you are on the right page. Their sizes are very different depending on the animated character you choose.


They’ll love it!

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