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If you are, just on, a page you will know what the cot bumpers are but if you arrived here by chance and you do not know what they are; we explain it to you briefly.

The bumpers are padded fabric protectors to put in the cots so that the baby is more protected against bumps and possible scratches. New moms do not usually use them much but those who already have experience know that they are the best thing to prevent the baby from possible blows with the bars of the cot, that’s why its name: bumpers.

Our bumpers have a functional design, adjustable to the size of each cot and are perfectly adaptable to any shape. Discover them in our online store and protect your baby from any damage.


For prenatal baby, adjustable cot bumpers and protectors for functional cots

If you are making the first purchases for your future baby something you cannot miss is a bumper to protect and cushion your child's crib. We have many designs for you to choose the one you like, and beside from having the baby protected, you decorate also your child's bedroom with fun and childish elements.

They are available in different colors, drawings and sizes. We have following sizes:


• Size 60x40 cm.


• Size 210x40 cm.


If you don’t like the bumpers that take and wrap the whole cot we have three models of cloud-shaped bumpers that are really cute: in blue, pink and turquoise. They are gorgeous and are super cushioned to protect your baby's head from possible night movements.

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