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  1. Adventure 2items
  2. Ahoy there 20items
  3. Air balloon 21items
  4. Astronaut 19items
  5. Balloon ride 4items
  6. Basic 31items
  7. Basic blue 6items
  8. Basic fuchsia 6items
  9. Basic green 4items
  10. Basic lilac 2items
  11. Basic orange 6items
  12. Basic pink 6items
  13. Basic red 5items
  14. Basic turquoise 8items
  15. Bat 7items
  16. Beep 15items
  17. Best buddies 16items
  18. Birdcage 7items
  19. Birdhouse 2items
  20. Birdie home 1item
  21. Blue 1item
  22. Blue whale 1item
  23. Braid 5items
  24. Cactus flower 1item
  25. Candies 9items
  26. Candy house 5items
  27. Cat 1item
  28. Cat & mouse 21items
  29. Cherry blossom 21items
  30. Christmas 3items
  31. Cloud 2items
  32. Courageux 11items
  33. Cozy 5items
  34. Daddy bear 4items
  35. Diving suit 5items
  36. Dogs 23items
  37. Dragon 4items
  38. Dreams 2items
  39. Drops 6items
  40. Duck 1item
  41. Ecru 1item
  42. Elephant 1item
  43. Elephant junior 1item
  44. Elephant parade 6items
  45. Explorer 7items
  46. Fantasy 9items
  47. Flamingos 1item
  48. Flying boy 23items
  49. Forest friends 4items
  50. Fuchsia 1item
  51. Funnysaurus 10items
  52. Geo jungle 17items
  53. Glitzy 5items
  54. Goat 1item
  55. Gown 3items
  56. Grandma 24items
  57. Green 1item
  58. Green forest 1item
  59. Grey cat 1item
  60. Greyhound 2items
  61. Happy cactus 1item
  62. Harvestwood 16items
  63. Hello 1item
  64. Hippo 18items
  65. Hola 14items
  66. Holidays 20items
  67. Horse 1item
  68. House 16items
  69. Hotdog 10items
  70. Hygge 5items
  71. Ice cream 1item
  72. Igloo 11items
  73. Ilulissat 1item
  74. Indian night 18items
  75. Kangaroo 6items
  76. Kite 19items
  77. Kitty 17items
  78. Knight 27items
  79. Knot 5items
  80. Lady elephant 1item
  81. Lapins 1item
  82. Learning to fly 22items
  83. Le petit prince 16items
  84. Les planetes 24items
  85. Lion 3items
  86. Little birds 23items
  87. Little horse 5items
  88. Little sheep 3items
  89. Little village 4items
  90. Llama 1item
  91. Long braid 23items
  92. Macaque 16items
  93. Machinery 12items
  94. Magic rose 17items
  95. Magic rug 23items
  96. Magic rainbow 1item
  97. Mapache 2items
  98. Matryoshka 5items
  99. Merry christmas 9items
  100. Migration 23items
  101. Mirror mirror 20items
  102. Monkey 1item
  103. Moon dream 17items
  104. Mountain 2items
  105. Nanny 24items
  106. Natural 1item
  107. Navy 1item
  108. Neighbourhood 15items
  109. Notebook 19items
  110. Olsker 1item
  111. Orange 1item
  112. Panda Garden 15items
  113. Panda garden blue 7items
  114. Panda garden pink 9items
  115. Patchwork animal 9items
  116. Peachy clean 1item
  117. Pear 1item
  118. Piggys 30items
  119. Pineapple 1item
  120. Pink 1item
  121. Pip 2items
  122. Pirata 19items
  123. Pirate 1item
  124. Pirate life 9items
  125. Pop corn 11items
  126. Pretty parrots 6items
  127. Prickly 1item
  128. Pumpkin 24items
  129. Pyjama 9items
  130. Rabbit family 15items
  131. Racer 5items
  132. Racer car 6items
  133. Rainbow 19items
  134. Red 1item
  135. Rhino 1item
  136. Rom 4items
  137. Saksun 1item
  138. Sailor 16items
  139. Sea life 19items
  140. Seamaid 11items
  141. Selfie 3items
  142. Ses amis 27items
  143. Skymo day 20items
  144. Son avion 25items
  145. Son monde 21items
  146. Space rocket 13items
  147. Spring 3items
  148. Squeeze the day 1item
  149. Starspace 6items
  150. Succulent 1item
  151. Summer time 18items
  152. Surf time 8items
  153. Svaneke 1item
  154. Swan 1item
  155. Tea time 18items
  156. Teepee 6items
  157. Thunder 3items
  158. Tiger 1item
  159. Toys 2items
  160. Traffic 1item
  161. Train 19items
  162. Turquoise 1item
  163. Tweet tweet 1item
  164. Unicorn 1item
  165. Van 10items
  166. Walkman 9items
  167. Warm 5items
  168. Watermelon 1item
  169. Whale 16items
  170. Wild 16items
  171. Winter 14items
  172. Wooden puppet 17items
  173. Woodland 22items
  174. World map 17items
  175. Yellow 1item
  176. Yellow bricks 10items
  177. Yellow submarine 18items
  178. Yeti 1item
  179. Zebra 1item
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1581 Items


At Happy Friday Home we strive every day to make our products not only of quality, but also to please our customers, in this case, the little ones.

In our Kids section you will find everything you need for the decoration of children's rooms and with a great diversity of articles for each and every one of the categories that we complete in our online store. If you want to know what they are, then we name them one by one.

Children's Decoration and Furniture

That the child in our eyes is happy and has everything he or she needs is our top priority. Their happiness is ours, so surrounding them with all the comforts is what all of us mums and dads try to do. For this reason, our shop offers a large number of articles from the following categories:


  • Children's bedding: With drawings of animals, geometric figures, their favourite cartoons, stars and other constellations, etc... All the bedding we work with is available in several different sizes, either crib or bed of different dimensions.
  • Combination of basics: baseboards, pillowcases, duvet fillings, cushion fillings, cushion covers. Everything you need so that your items are protected and last longer.
  • Plaids: Sofa or armchair blankets in soft pastel colours.
  • Shaped cushions: You won't find these cushions anywhere else, neither for their peculiar shapes nor for their fantastic and colourful designs. You can find in them from the Little Prince to the Beauty of the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. If your child has a favourite animal, a favourite drawing character, we are convinced that it will be in our cushion catalogue.Curtains and Blinds: A basic for the room, whether for children or not... You can find them with different prints and in different shapes (rings, blinds, etc.)
  • You choose the format, depending on which one suits the children's room best and also the design.Carpets with drawings: A fun and original collection of children's carpets for any type of room. Designs with drawings in spectacular materials and finishes. 


An endless number of possibilities opens up to you with our online shop. Take your time and choose thinking about the smallest. You will be right, for sure.

Happy Friday - CIF B54660980 - Av. Alicante nº 70, 03820 Cocentaina (Alicante) - SPAIN - (+34) 96 559 99 56 -