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Decorative vinyl for children's bedroom.

Before placing the vinyl make sure that the surface where you want to place the vinyl is smooth, dry and clean.

To scratch it you can use a scraper or any other flat and smooth objet (a credit card, a ruler ...).
If bubbles apears use a needle to pop out the trapped air then rubbing gently remove the air.

Do not stick the stickers on, under or too near a radiator or other heat source.

The vinyl can be relocated during placement and subsequent days.
But beware, they are not super removable.
So, if after a few months is removed to relocate it we do not guarantee that stick again.
They are easily removed without marring the surface where they have been sticked.

Use in irregular, grainy, wood, fabric, sandy or plastered surfaces is not recommended.
White matt vinyl

Complete the look

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