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Now that a new season begins and we make many significant changes in terms of home decoration (textiles, decorative elements, furniture, etc.), it may be the best time or the most appropriate to change our home bed sheets or to finish with a set of new bed sheets for the summer, or winter.

Whatever bed sheets your bed or your children’s bed need, we can offer them. At Happy Friday we have an endless cotton bed sheets variety. You can choose among them the bed sheets that best suit your tastes and needs.

Cotton Bed sheets: Printed, with drawings, colored…

If we have something good in Happy Friday is that we think of the variety of possible clients. Whatever the size of sheets you need, we have it! These are the available sizes for our sheets in the catalog currently:

• For 90 beds: Sheets of 160x270.

• For 135 beds: 210x270 sheets.

• For 150-160 beds: 240x270 sheets.

• For 180 beds: Sheets of 260x270.


That said, we also have to add that whatever your preferences are regarding sheet design, we can also give you what you're looking for. We have bed sheets with floral prints, bed sheets with children's drawings, sheets with abstract drawings, etc. You just have to look carefully at this section in which you find yourself from our online store and compare prices. We currently have multiple offers and we have many discounts at our usual prices. Don’t miss the opportunity and get as many sets of bed sheets as you need.

Some of the most remarkable features of our sheets are:

• They are 100% cotton sheets with 150 threads.

Digital high definition printing and very smooth finish.

• And, finally, they are manufactured entirely in Spain.

We must remember that pillowcases are not included in the sheet set, but you can always buy them in your section.

Have you seen them already? Have a look and fall in love with them! You will love them ...

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