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Experience new sensations with the most passionate aromas of HF Living soaps. There's nothing like a bathroom to unwind and relax!

In this bathroom section, you will find a select variety of aromas and soap essences for each personality. From the most citrus aromas to the delicate wild or sweet flower petals and warm jasmine flowers. What is your favorite scent?

HF Living soaps come in tablet format with different natural essences. Ideal for the most delicate areas of the body such as the face or hands ... with purifying and refreshing properties that help to strengthen and soothe the skin.

Discover the aromatic soaps that nourish your body and soul with a fantastic sensation!

Aromatic soaps to experience new sensations

These are some of the soaps that you can currently find on our website:

YLANG YLANG & GRAPEFRUIT SOAP FLEUR DE SEL 100 GR: Thailand salt soap that gently exfoliates our skin leaving it clean and soft. Its grapefruit smell will clear your mind and fill you with vitality.

TURMERIC & ORANGE SOAP FLEUR DE SEL 100 GR: As its name suggests, a soap with the smell of turmeric and orange. Of the same range as the previous one, so it will also exfoliate your skin gently without damaging it and the orange juice will help to tone it.

LEMONGRASS & GERANIUM SOAP FLEUR DE SEL 100 GR: This sweet and refreshing soap has an astringent tone that helps to strengthen and soothe the skin.

LEMON & JUNIPER SOAP FLEUR DE SEL 100 GR: Refreshing essence that helps to concentrate and stimulates circulation.

CINNAMON & VAINILLA SOAP FLEUR DE SEL 100 GR: Exfoliate dead skin cells, restore and brighten your skin and discourage fatigue.

CHARCOAL & ROSE SOAP GERANIUM 100% VEGETABLE 125 GR: Cleans the skin in depth leaving a pleasant smell of flowers.

RELAXING 100% VEGETABLE SOAP - 150 GR: For a relaxing shower or bath, nothing better than the special mixture of natural aromas of this handmade soap.

Apart from these you can find more models to choose from. You decide which one or which to take to your home!